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Why study Eyebrow, Facial Waxing and Tinting?

Our Facial Waxing and Tinting course covers the full face so you know exactly how to cater to every client possible, including male facial waxing. Learn how to map and structure the perfect brows and mix the perfect blend of tint to enhance your clients’ eyes and brows. There will never be a lack of work when in the hair removal business, everyone wants to get rid of those stubborn hairs. In our course we like to think of the service as a whole. From the moment your client walks through the door to the moment they leave.

How do you provide an outstanding service to keep them coming back? We cover all this and more including client consulting and legal issues. Customer service and providing the best service/ Learn all about the hair growth structure and cycle. How to wax eyebrows, lip, chin and sides of face. How to tint the eyelashes and brows, we also demonstrate male facial waxing. Our videos are so in-depth that you can see every little detail, so nothing is missed.

Some great job outcomes for facial waxing and tinting are working in a busy beauty salon, pampering those in a day spa, running a successful home business and focusing purely on the face in a brow bar.

Whatever your goal is make sure you don’t miss out on being ahead of the game and learning some fantastic facial waxing and tinting skills.

Upon completing this course students will be provided with a Certificate of Attainment in Eyebrow, Face Waxing and Tinting, which will highlight your overall understanding for this service and the individual skills you have achieved competency in.

Course Overview

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Enjoy self-paced and flexible studies with unrestricted access to your course contents. No matter what time of day you’d like to dip into your training, this education will be available to you.

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Studying online doesn’t mean studying alone. You’ll receive full support and guidance throughout your course, with tutors available for any questions you have via phone or email 6 days a week.


A custom-designed beauty kit will be sent directly to your door, with all the practical tools you require to complete your course and kickstart or further your career.


You’ll receive a Certificate of Attainment once you’ve completed your course. It’ll look seriously fabulous in your salon or to show-off to your employer.

Payment Options

Affordable interest free payment options available, or receive a discount when you pay the entire course costs upfront.

Course Details

Module One

Introduction to waxing & tinting
Service overview
Preparation & setup
Customer service
Client consult & legalities
Hair structure & anatomy
Hair growth cycle
Face & eyebrow shapes
Tinting set up & application
Waxing preparation
Lip wax application
Eyebrow wax application
Sides of face & chin wax application
Male face waxing
Aftercare & finishing the service
SBaby pro lycon heater
110ml b sanitiser
Le marque hot wax
Le marquee black tint
Le marquee very brown tint
Le marquee oxidant
Pre wax sanitiser
100ml after wax oil
750ml citrus solvent
Small tint bowl
Elleebana angle eye brush
100pk brow beater spatulas
Slant tweezer
Blue black tint
Light brown tint
Tongue depressor
Barrier cream (vaseline)
Cotton rounds
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  • If you are under the age of 18, we need to speak with a guardian in order to enrol you

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • Be aware that some disabilities may affect your ability to study online. Please notify us so that we can fully support you with your studies

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All Canadian Beauty School short courses come with a Certificate of Attainment and a transcript of the units you have completed.

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24/7! There are no restrictions on when you’re able to access your course contents, as we want your training to be as flexible as possible. Morning, noon or night, your course will remain open for business.

You can if you want (and as an added bonus, you’ll even receive a discount if you do!) However, if you’d prefer to spread the payment we can easily set-up an interest free payment plan for you, which you can pay off fortnightly or monthly instead. But seriously, if money worries are holding you back from joining any of our courses, talk to our team and we’ll be happy to see if we can find a solution for you.

  • You must have a computer and a reliable internet connection. If you do not have a computer or tablet, we can supply one.
  • If you are under the age of 18, we need to speak with a guardian in order to enrol you.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Be aware that some disabilities may affect your ability to study online. Please notify us so that we can fully support you with your studies.

At Canadian Beauty School, our eyebrow course is a self-paced program, offering students flexibility in their learning journey. Typically, students complete the course in 10-20 weeks. However, we understand life can be busy, so you have up to 12 months to finish at your own pace.

Wondering about the average eyebrow technician salary in Canada? Typically, eyebrow techs earn an hourly rate ranging from $20 to $40, with annual incomes ranging from $30,000 to $60,000. Entrepreneurial brow techs who own their studios can potentially earn more, depending on their reputation and client base, often exceeding industry averages.

Becoming an eyebrow specialist and starting your own eyebrow tech business is achievable with these steps: 1. Complete eyebrow technician training and gain certification. 2. Develop a business plan, including budgeting and location considerations. 3. Register your business and attract a loyal clientele through exceptional services and a welcoming atmosphere.

Being an eyebrow technician and doing eyebrow lamination is creatively fulfilling, as you help clients achieve their desired eyebrow shape and enhance their facial features. It’s a detail-oriented profession that demands precision and artistry, providing opportunities to build client relationships and boost their confidence through your expertise.

The licensing requirement for eyebrow technicians in Canada varies by province. While some provinces may not mandate specific licensure, others may have regulations in place. It’s essential to check with local authorities to determine the licensing requirements in your specific province or territory.

If you’re wondering how to become an eyebrow specialist, you should know that our course is just as effective as an in-person one due to offering engaging content and certification upon completion. We provide comprehensive training that accommodates your schedule while delivering an enjoyable and high-quality learning experience.

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What Our Students Have To Say About Us...

I have so enjoyed doing this course with you people. I have a goal at the end and this course is allowing me to reach the goal. Wonderful notes with so much information and enabling me to focus on my goals. Great help from the tutors always available when need to ask what may seem like a silly question but never judged on. Thank you!

Incredibly happy with every aspect of the 3 beauty courses I completed, studying from home has been a life saver. My kits were gorgeous and very helpful tutors. I can now add 3 more services to my home based salon! Super happy, highly recommend.

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