How do I do eyebrow lamination?

Person doing eyebrow lamination

The hottest treatment on every brow lover’s lips – lamination. Delivering perfectly feathery, fierce & fuller-looking brows without the need for daily product application and constant touch ups. It’s the shortcut to effortlessly natural brows that are always ready to impress. So what actually does this treatment involve? And more importantly…how do I do eyebrow lamination?

Read on for the full lowdown and discover how you can learn the techniques and tricks behind this beauty industry heavyweight. 

What is brow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is the name given to a treatment which involves the straightening and lifting of the brow hairs, using a chemical solution and brush.

This solution gives the hairs a flexible texture, which allows a brow artist to lift and shape them, as well as possibly applying a tint to improve texture and fullness. The brows are then set into a flattering shape arch, which lasts around 6-8 weeks.

How do you do brow lamination?

The first step is a consultation. A brow expert will work with their client to determine the right style, shape and texture for each individual. 

Once a design is chosen, a technician will clean a client’s brows with a cleansing agent, before applying the first solution. This first treatment allows them to place the brow hairs into the desired shape, usually fluttering upwards. This treatment can be left on for a period of time to aid with flexibility.

Once the tech and client are happy, the setting solution will be applied, which bonds the hairs into their new position. Once fully set, the products are removed with a cleansing serum that helps to condition and strengthen the hairs. 

What’s unique about brow lamination?

Lamination has a high success rate, while being a very non-invasive procedure. Unlike microblading, which has tattooing involved, lamination uses only your natural hairs and shaping techniques. Laminated brows are great for flexible styling too. Their malleable shape means that those forehead feathers can be brushed into any desired position, depending on the look you would like to achieve. 

Can you laminate your brows at home?

You could…but it’s not advised! 

Professional training is essential to be sure that the treatment is long lasting and effective, and the integrity of the hairs is preserved. The solutions are chemical in nature, and used incorrectly could cause skin irritation. Not to mention that hygiene standards must be kept to a high standard in any beauty treatment!

The best way to master this brilliant brow treatment is to take a beauty course. 

Completing our Eyebrow Lamination Course Online and learning the steps to craft runway-ready brows will not only add to your expertise, but it will also mean you’re able to tap into one of the most popular (and thriving) trends to sweep across Canada.

Built by experienced industry professionals, who will be on hand to guide you to success, you’ll become a true pro in hair structure, selecting the correct product types, preparation processes, brow shaping theory and application, practical aftercare, and running your own beauty business. With 24/7 access, you can learn whenever it suits you and your schedule, so it could be the side hustle you’ve always dreamed of! With payment plans at affordable rates, your dream can start quicker than you thought. 

Plus, you’ll receive an eyebrow lamination kit included in the price of the course! With everything you need to get started, it’s the best way to hone your skills fast.

One of our most popular beauty courses online, eyebrow lamination is certainly here to stay. So don’t miss out on adding this luscious treatment to your list of skills. Enrol today!

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